Lee’s crush on Josie resembles that of the once teen heart throb crush on Jonathon Taylor Thomas. In between the pillow fights of pre-teen slumber parties there was one major topic of conversation:  JTT.

Pull out the teenie bopper mags, cut the pages out carefully and help your girlfriends plaster his face all over the wall (come on, who didn’t love Home Improvement?!).

Our crush on Josie frighteningly goes to similar extents!

Josie is the culmination of Sydney-based fashion veteran Aine McCourt’s lifelong love affair with fashion. From a young age Aine was influenced by her grandmother and namesake – Josie.

Josie embodied the very spirit that the label strives to encapsulate – fun and flirty, a little bit cheeky and slightly quirky.

Collections come alive in a myriad of print and colour with a vintage-inspired mix of prints in easy to wear shapes.


There is no denying the label’s vintage appeal; femininity is key, the look is effortless. Let us introduce you to Josie, we think you’ll like her too.